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It is tough being a physician today.
As physicians, we are faced with the reality of a 21st-century U.S. medical practice: reams of time-consuming paperwork that is out of proportion to time spent caring for patients, declining reimbursements from insurers, a loss of autonomy from managed care, and fear of malpractice lawsuits. Add governmental encroachment, and the maze of bureaucracy, all of which threaten the quality of patient care, and weigh down our medical practices.

RxWithin offers one small solution to the problems of practicing medicine these days and that is to help you, as a dispensing physician, survive the economic realities of medicine today.

A growing number of physicians around the country are utilizing Physician Dispensing purely for the patient benefits the practice can provide. Physician Dispensing, also known as Point of Care Dispensing, is a process where physicians provide complete prescriptions rather than hand out samples, saving their patient a trip to the pharmacy. Physician offices that incorporate this into their routine can provide significant benefits to their patients at a price that provides profitability to the physician's practice while not costing the patient any more than they would have paid at their local pharmacy.

Directly providing medication to your patients is a change that is viewed by both patients and third party payers as a progressive and responsive practice which is cost effective and speeds the healing process by improved compliance and better patient communication.

RxWithin provides pre-counted prescriptions to primary care physicians who dispense medication to patients from their offices or clinics on a fee-for-service basis.


Point of Care Medication Services:

You, as a physician practice, will provide complete prescriptions to your patients at the point of service rather than handing out samples and then sending them to their local pharmacy.  Why will you do this?  Because not only will this add convenience for your patients and quality of service, it will provide significant benefits to your practice in terms of profitability.

“How do I get signed up?” should be the next question on your mind.  Simple.  Contact RX Within and a representative will get in touch with you.  First, an analysis will be performed of the prescriptions your office routinely prescribes giving us an idea of your needs regarding stock.  We will then order the stock and equip you with the means of storing the medications as well as providing an electronic monitoring system that will keep track of your inventory and alert us to when you need medications shipped to you to complete your inventory. None of this will come out of your pocket.  There will be no out of pocket expense for your office.

Continued follow up:  Our representative will continue to be a source of support for your office and will be available to you to address your concerns, your changing needs, and answer any questions that may arise.  We are here to serve you and to provide for you the best possible experience. 

Workers Compensation Collection Service:

RX Within knows the problems faced by physician offices when billing and collecting from Workers Compensation carriers.  After endless amounts of paperwork and documentation, you may wait up to six months to collect.  We at RX Within not only take care of all the paperwork associated, we also assure you of payment on your receivables within 30 days.

Our professionals will run an analysis of your practice to determine the medications you need to have on hand in order to best serve the needs of your patients.  The medications will then be pre-packaged, customized to address your individual physicians prescribing habits.  The packages will have the doctors’ name, address, phone number as well as treatment instructions.  We understand that each office we work with is unique and we will ensure that your dispensing system is exactly suited to your needs and desires.


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